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Birthday Flowers Delivered by Palm Springs Florists

Make someone’s birthday extra special with a Happy Birthday flower arrangement delivered right to their front door. Imagine their surprise at opening the door to find a beautiful arrangement of birthday flowers designed by Palm Springs Flowers just for them! 


Flowers make a wonderful birthday gift for everyone. Treat someone special with a hand-delivered birthday bouquet. Flowers send a cheerful greeting to let them know you care even when you are miles away. 

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Colors and Types of Birthday Flowers

Happy Birthday flowers can be any color of the rainbow. You can choose a brilliant arrangement of mixed flowers or send a dozen roses in their favorite color. Birthday flowers can be anything that makes the recipient happy! Cheery mixes of daisies, mums, lilies, roses, and carnations present a burst of color and a variety of textures that brighten up any room. 

Rose Arrangements

Roses come in a variety of colors to suit anyone’s taste. An arrangement of yellow, pink, lavender, or coral roses is always a hit as a birthday gift, or feel free to mix it up and send a festive variety of different colored roses.

Mixed Flower Arrangements

Flowers in the birthday boy or girl’s favorite color is a good option. Monochromatic arrangements use different varieties of flowers all in the same color family to create a bold statement in a favorite hue. 


Popular colors for birthday flowers include yellow, orange, white, red, purple, pink, and often they are mixed together to evoke the feeling of celebration and confetti at a birthday party.


For an extra special surprise, add happy birthday mylar balloons, keepsake containers, or an adorable teddy bear or plush animal as an additional birthday gift to enjoy.

What Are the Birthday Flowers for Each Month?

Much like birthstones, each month is associated with a flower that represents that birth month. You can choose any color of the birth month’s flower, or mix them together to create a birthday bouquet that celebrates their special day in a unique way.


Another fun option would be to send a blooming plant, dish garden, or mixed arrangement that includes other flowers as well to make their birthday gift something they will truly love. 


Carnation or snowdrop: Carnations symbolize many things depending on the color. Overall, they symbolize love and admiration. The other flower for January is the snowdrop, which symbolizes hope as it is known for braving the cold winter as it pops out of the snow.


Violet or primrose: Violets are a welcome sight after a long winter and appear earlier than any other flower in the springtime. Violets represent everlasting love, faithfulness, and innocence.

Primrose also appears in early spring, offering an impressive array of bold colors and sizes. It is thought to symbolize protection, safety, and love.


The trumpet-shaped daffodil is a lovely early spring bloom that represents rebirth, new beginnings, inspiration, and creativity. The unique shape of this bulb plant’s bloom makes it a charming springtime favorite. Daffodils are thought to be good luck in many cultures.


The warmth of spring brings fresh daisies and sweetpeas. The classic daisy symbolizes loyal love, purity, and innocence, while the deliciously fragrant sweet pea can not only mean blissful pleasure, it can also mean “goodbye.”


Lily of the valley is a symbol of a return to happiness, such as the joy the warmth brings in May.  Lilies of the valley also represent sweetness and humility. The lesser-known May bloom is the hawthorn plant, which represents hope and supreme happiness.


Roses are June’s birth month flowers. Fragrant blooming roses are at their peak of beauty in June and represent many things depending on the color. Primarily, roses are associated with love and romance. June’s alternate birthday flower is the honeysuckle. Attractive to hummingbirds with its signature scent and sweet nectar, honeysuckle symbolizes everlasting love.


Two showstopping flowers are featured in July. The larkspur with its tower of blooming flowers on a thin stalk comes in a variety of beautiful blues, pinks, purples, and white. Larkspur indicates strong bonds of love. Water lilies symbolize purity and majesty while providing shade for pond residents. 


Bold and eye-catching, the August birth flowers just burst with summer loveliness. Both varieties come in a myriad of bright colors. The stately gladiolus stands for calm, integrity, and infatuation. Poppies signify pleasure, success, and wealth.


Aster and morning glory bring moody purples and electric blues to the fields in late summer. Asters are solid symbols of powerful love, making them ideal birthday flowers to be delivered to a romantic interest. Morning glories represent affection and are unique in the trait that they only bloom in the morning, curling up for a nap in the afternoon.


Marigolds deliver the first hints of early fall, bringing with them a sunny yellow and orange palette that is unique to autumn. Their cheery color is associated with optimism. Cosmos are a delicate flower with evenly spaced petals and a bright yellow center much like a child would draw. Cosmos represent order and grace.


Chrysanthemums come in November and bring with them a rainbow of gorgeous fall colors from sunny gold to deep burgundy. Red mums represent love, however, they are native to Asia and are also associated with youth, longevity, and purity.


The narcissus is a beautiful cousin to the daffodil, often called a paperwhite. It is a bulb flower that blooms in the cold. Holly is a shrub that we associate with the Christmas holiday season and features shiny green leaves with bright red berries. Both symbolize hope.

For Beautiful Birthday Flower Arrangements, Give Us a Call

On your loved one’s special day, imagine the joy on their face when they receive your fresh flower arrangement. No matter the month of birthday flowers you choose to send, we will be happy to create the best arrangements to send your happy birthday wishes.


Happy birthday flowers are a wonderful gift for anyone! We deliver birthday flowers that will surprise and delight them. Looking for something different? Give Palm Springs Florist a call or contact us online.

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