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New Flower Designs By Palm Springs Florist

As you find yourself settling into the new normal, 2022 new flower design trends are breathing new life into retro favorites. Taking a step away from current events and revisiting the fearless fun of the '70s and '80s brings pleasant, simultaneous feelings of bold hope and a familiar comfort from the past. Sustainability and the hottest trend, "naturalness" feature in the lineup as well. Not ready to join the color movement? Neutral hues make an elegant showing this year and the Millennial Pink preference is replaced by natural hues like creamy white, earthy browns, and even neo mint. Shake up the room by adding a dazzling new flower arrangement or two. It's one of the easiest ways to convey mood and personalize the atmosphere of any space! See what we've been cooking up in the lab. Here, you'll find the newest flower designs and containers.