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Romantic Flower Arrangements

In the mood for love? If you are looking for flowers to really impress that special someone, a romantic flower arrangement will make them feel like they are in a fairy tale! 


From the traditional red rose arrangement to an extravagant English garden floral design bursting with color, romantic flowers from Palm Springs Florist can help you set the mood for your sentimental first date or your 50th wedding anniversary.

“I Love You” Flowers

If you want to send flowers that say, “I love you,” you can almost never go wrong with a dozen red roses in a vase. This classic arrangement is the gold standard when you want to express feelings of romance or love. 

But what if you want something different? There are many ways to say, “I love you,” with a romantic bouquet of flowers, and with so many blooms, colors, and combinations available, you’re sure to find the right ingredients to create the perfect romantic gift for the one that has your heart. 

Flowers for Romance FAQs

Use the language of flower meanings to convey your emotions and set the mood! Show your love, appreciation, and admiration for that special someone. An elegant bouquet of wrapped roses or a pretty arrangement of pink, purple, and red flowers can create emotional connections.

What Flower Signifies Romance?

The flower we all think of when it comes to romance is the red rose. It has long been a symbol of love and romantic interest in western culture. Though roses come in a rainbow of colors, the red rose is a symbol of love, respect, courage, and passion.

What Are the Best Romantic Flowers?

Luckily, there are many other colorful, fragrant flowers to choose from when it comes to creating the best romantic flower arrangements. These flowers symbolize different aspects and feelings of love and will create beautiful bouquets for romance:


Top 5 Romance Flowers

Flowers have symbolized romance, love, and passion for centuries. Romantic flower arrangements are all about sending a message to the one you admire. Getting your message across can be easier with some of these tried and true romantic flower favorites.


Red roses are an unmistakable symbol of love and passion. Don’t let that steer you away from other colors or flowers though. If pink roses or coral roses are her favorite, they can certainly be sent without tarnishing the meaning.


Tulips are another great choice for passionate love, especially the dark reds and purples. These delicate beauties are a gorgeous addition to any bouquet. Striking enough to stand alone in a vase or hand-wrapped bouquet, tulips are a close second in popularity to roses.


Orchids are very romantic flowers. Their exotic origins and unique beauty allow orchids to make our list of romance flowers. Mysterious, refined, and luxurious, orchids of any variety are a sophisticated option for expressing your love.


Peonies are another exotic choice. They are similar in shape to an open rose but have tissue-thin petals that are delicate and deliciously fragrant. In white and pale pink, this bashful beauty is frequently featured in weddings. 


In Japanese culture, the peony represents a happy marriage and tells someone they are “most beautiful.” Once again, red is the love and passion go-to color of choice for peonies.


Stargazer lilies are high-fragranced, oriental flowers that create an impressive show as a symbol of love in romantic flower arrangements. Before they open, they appear as a simple white lily. However, this stunning flower blooms with a show-stopping magenta heart that truly dazzles.


Stargazers (or gazers, as they are sometimes called) make a gorgeous complement to red roses if you are really looking to impress.

Rose Color Symbolism

In case you are curious about the meanings of the other colors of roses, here are some messages roses can convey. Mix them up in a romantic flower arrangement to give it even more meaning.



The meanings of flowers we know today were developed and assigned in the Victorian Era and the study of flower meanings is called floriography. The practice of assigning meaning to flowers has been practiced for centuries all over the world. 

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We hope this guide helps you to send the perfect romantic flower arrangement to say exactly what you want to.


No matter the occasion or flowers you choose to send, we will be happy to create the best romantic flower arrangements for any message you would like to deliver. Looking for something different? Give Palm Springs Florist a call or contact us online today.