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About Florists

Florists are passionate artists and designers that put their heart into their craft. As new or different products and supplies become available and styles change, skilled florists must acclimate and continue perfecting their techniques. 

Florists must also be adept at working with various greens, plants, blooms, and other floral items. Then, they must utilize their knowledge of color theory and aesthetics to skillfully design them into an attractive arrangement. Their jobs also typically encompass flower handling, care, arranging, production, and delivery. 


What Is Floristry?

In general, floristry relates to the arrangement, cultivation, and sale of cut flowers, floral arrangements, and potted plants. The cut flowers industry supplies most of the raw material for the floristry trade. 

Industry operators buy these goods from international and domestic wholesalers and flower farms and retail them to consumers.


The Business of Floristry

 Today's U.S. florists industry has a market size of $5 billion. And in addition to designing and selling flowers, it also includes:

  • Flower production
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Greenhouse engineering and design
  • Soil science and analysis
  • Climate control systems engineering
  • Pest management

Floral shop owners and managers need employees skilled in human resources, office management, bookkeeping, accounting, and computer systems. In addition, many of today's floriculture jobs seek trained professionals with horticultural and business skills. 


The Artistry of Floral Design

Experienced florists ensure that the flowers and arrangements meet every customer's specific needs for every order placed. They do this by creatively joining foliage and blossoms into a one-of-a-kind arrangement. 


This is largely why its service is called "floral art" or "floral design.” Florists possess a more prominent sense of creativity, with a creative flair similar to visual artists, writers, and musicians.


Floral design is the art of arranging flowers in bowls, baskets, and vases or creating bouquets, wreaths, and table centerpieces from foliage, herbs, ornamental grasses, cut flowers, and other plant material. 


Using Shapes

 In addition to color theory, florists need to understand and use shape to create stunning arrangements to please customers, including:


  • Rounded, which are considered soothing and restful shapes
  • Loose and naturally flowing
  • Balanced and symmetrical
  • Wild and eccentric
  • Triangular shapes which bring to mind stability


Whatever positioning and form you prefer in floral arranging, being aware of the significance of intentional design shape is crucial.


Playing With Lines

 As in painting and other visual arts, understanding the power of lines is an essential consideration for a florist. Creating lines in their arrangements gives the eye a trace to follow and direction to move throughout the composition. Additionally, the line orientation can change the theme or mood the piece is attempting to evoke.


For example, vertical lines create the appearance of height, and utilizing them in a floral arrangement can enhance or accentuate an object's height. 

On the other hand, horizontal lines can evoke a sense of calm and balance. And diagonal lines can elicit a sense of motion or action, giving your arrangement a dramatic effect.


What does a Florist Do?

A florist designs and creates floral arrangements for a wide range of occasions, events, and indoor and outdoor venues. They are experts at filling areas with gorgeous arrangements based on clients' tastes and needs.


When it comes to floristry, there are typically two kinds of designers: those that utilize pre-arranged flowers and those that produce their own arrangements. Pre-arranged flowers are often practical in flower shops or online. Florists that create original arrangements often receive commissions to craft floral arrangements for specific activities or events. 


The Importance of Flowers and Floristry

Florists use their skills in handling, designing, arranging, and displaying flowers to enhance a consumer’s quality of life. They bring hope to the grieving and enable friends and family to share in life’s joyful celebrations. 


Throughout life, from the birth of a child to the passing of a loved one, flowers and floral arrangements express deep, heartfelt emotions that words often cannot. Well-crafted arrangements heal the broken-hearted and provide therapy to the recipient as well as the florist. 

In addition, they utilize their talents to assist clients in expressing themselves in thoughtful and loving ways.


When Is a Good Time to Send Flowers?

Florists are typically a part of the most crucial times in a person’s life, including anniversaries, birthdays, valentine's dinners, weddings, funeral services, and other festivities. Florists help their customers select the best arrangement for birthdays or funerals for business events.

That’s why our Palm Springs florists can help you:


  • Make somebody’s birthday with a stunning flower arrangement
  • Demonstrate your love with vibrant anniversary flowers
  • Express your encouragement or remorse with an inspirational design during times of sickness or loss
  • Show your love with an attractive long-stemmed rose bouquet for Valentine's Day
  • Help a new parent welcome their brand-new baby into the world
  • Honor your mother with a beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet
  • Celebrate a wedding with wedding flower designs and custom bouquets
  • Brighten a hospital room with fresh-cut flowers
  • Add a special touch to parties
  • Remember and honor deceased loved ones with a breathtaking floral tribute
  • Make any event spectacular by ensuring the floral arrangements match the design and motif
  • Send flowers to anyone when they least expect it


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